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Health Professionals

The OETWorkshop started in 2009 offering online self study writing courses for the OET test. It has grown steadily in the years since then and now, in addition to self study courses, has intensive classroom based short courses which feature one day practice study for each of the four subtests: writing, speaking, reading and listening. Through this website, candidates can gain access to practice exercises, link up with other candidates from their home country, get help with resumés for job applications and find genuine support.   

The 4-day intensive workshops are a regular feature of our calendar and continue much the same as when they were first introduced in July 2012

In July 2015, APHRA introduced a new policy with regard to satisfying registration requirements and the English test. OETWorkshop, in response to these changes, has introduced new 3-week "online supported courses" in Writing, Reading and Listening - for those folk wishing to focus on just one or two sub-tests.

OETWorkshop face-to-face classes