OET 4 Day Intensive Workshop

Our philosophy is that qualified health professionals need “hands on”  experience in writing, speaking, reading and listening English -  in an interactive classroom – with culturally sensitive native-English-speaking tutors.  

We  adhere to our long held view that  at the intensive speaking workshop we have one tutor to every two candidates.  This  1 : 2 ratio ensures that candidates speak to native English speakers – not other candidates.  

​At intensive writing workshops we have one grammar teacher for every four or five candidates ensuring personalised  attention for your grammar shortcomings. 

Reading and listening intensive workshops offer many exercises to give candidates ample opportunity to improve their reading and listening skills during the day.  The reading test requires you to analyse the questions;  the listening test requires you to make abbreviations in order to keep up with the narrator.   These skill sets are practised again and again.

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