Calling for Expressions of Interest in becoming a Licensee!

Do you know a proposition from a preposition?  A complex sentence from a compound one?  Maybe you know someone who does!

There are many OET candidates around the world desperately keen to sit face to face with an English teacher and be shown how to write a formal letter;  how to improve their reading speed;  how to read with comprehension;  get a handle on writing abbreviations versions of words so that they can write answers quickly on the answer sheet - while listening to a soundtrack.   

The 'target market' is 30+  age group,  educated, qualified, well travelled, and above all - motivated to pass.

If you are interested in helping OET candidates pass the OET test - AND run your own business as a language teacher, you may be interested in becoming an OETWorkshop licensee.

Working hours and location of classes are up to you.

How much you charge per hour is up to you.

Whether you wish to have a web presence or prefer to
​rely on social media - is up to you.

We have a lot of materials you can use from Day 1.

And we will show you what to do.

Give us a call and come in for a chat.  

Tel:        0406 587 936

​Call us +61  0406 587 936